Happy Fathers Day!! (or not)…..

Happy Fathers Day first and foremost. This is supposed to be the day where fathers and fatherhood is celebrated, but lately I’ve noticed that it’s being used for the exact opposite. Fathers (baby fathers more specifically) have been getting slandered crazy these last few fathers days… Maybe I notice it a lil more now because I’m a father. A father who plays a very active role in my kids lives. So when I see fathers, baby daddy and all of the like getting trashed on Fathers Day I feel some type of way… I mean damn let the good dudes live on this one day. We know that ya’ll daddies and baby daddies ain’t shit… We know that because ya’ll tell us every other day of the year but can this one day be used to give props to the men that handle theirs on a daily basis?

I’m not gonna go on and on about this but I just felt I had to speak on it real quick…. Hope everyone enjoyed their day, I know I did.

One response to “Happy Fathers Day!! (or not)…..

  1. I think that the reason why women slam dead beats on Father’s Day is because so many dead beats have the audacity to celebrate Father’s Day. *Side Eye* The bashing is their way of telling them to sit their you-know-what down!

    However, I do agree with you…a woman venting her anger towards her dead dad-baby dad does take away from the good fathers.

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