The Secret Science To Spotting A Slut by Nova Giovanni (via Nova Giovanni)

The Secret Science To Spotting A Slut by Nova Giovanni Hello, loyal reader. Your favorite writer, Nova Giovanni, is back once again with some ramen noodle soup for your soul. In this installment, I will be instructing you on the signs of a slut. Therefore, you will be empowered to deal with them based upon their capacities. Hence, a slut's capacity is only sexual. Promoting them to any level above that is foolish and uncivilized. With that being said, here are five indicators of her slutism: If she k … Read More

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Absent Fathers = Promiscuous Daughters (via SEX, SHOES, and SCANDAL)

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Absent Fathers = Promiscuous Daughters > > >It's that time of the year again…..Father's Day! For many reasons this holiday sparks debate amongst the masses. We want to pay homage to all the GREAT fathers, but sooo many of us have not experienced GREAT fathers, so we voice our resentment instead! I am not here to bash, I'm here to state facts, maybe some of you men who have daughters will realize how your role in their lives shapes the women they will become! > > >M … Read More


Sound Off….Are we TOO accessible? (via SEX, SHOES, and SCANDAL)

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Sound Off....Are we TOO accessible? I came across these  and thought they were cute! They also say a lot about the world we live  in today, the world of UNLIMITED ACCESS…..there once was a time when someone had to call you to find out what you were doing or make a visit to your home. Those days are looooooong gone. In today's world we feel the need to be connected! Many of us belong to SEVERAL social sites…..Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Four Square, just to name a few! We updates … Read More


Happy Fathers Day!! (or not)…..

Happy Fathers Day first and foremost. This is supposed to be the day where fathers and fatherhood is celebrated, but lately I’ve noticed that it’s being used for the exact opposite. Fathers (baby fathers more specifically) have been getting slandered crazy these last few fathers days… Maybe I notice it a lil more now because I’m a father. A father who plays a very active role in my kids lives. So when I see fathers, baby daddy and all of the like getting trashed on Fathers Day I feel some type of way… I mean damn let the good dudes live on this one day. We know that ya’ll daddies and baby daddies ain’t shit… We know that because ya’ll tell us every other day of the year but can this one day be used to give props to the men that handle theirs on a daily basis?

I’m not gonna go on and on about this but I just felt I had to speak on it real quick…. Hope everyone enjoyed their day, I know I did.